Evolution of computers drastically and dramatically. Computers have existence is able to use in the early 1950s, but people. When you mention the word computer to boot most people only think of the desktop, but in reality computer using our calculator.

Therefore, a computer can be defined as an electronic device to input, process and output information. Let’s be in the case of a calculator, when adding numbers, for example 1 + 1 = 2, now you input data is 1 + 1, these data must be processed by the addition process, to give us 2 now 2 is the process information output.

invented the first computers were very big, slow and time consuming with limited capabilities. Computers history and has gone through several stage as they develop beginning with the first computers, before the first generation of computers we had the ABACUS computers were restricted were developed by their capabilities

The first generation in the early years 1940 with their architect based on massive electronic value. They vacuum tube dependent and without that they are not the force of the first generation of computers came in the second generation of computers that perform electronic calculation better than the first generation computers were but were slow, one example of this second generation was ABM 7000 series.

As the computer continues the development of generations of people who have more knowledge about them and the invention was better because these third-generation achieved computers, these computers sexes were more powerful than the first and second generation of computers and use integrated circuit commonly known as IC. An example of the third generation of computers was IBM 360 Series.

The third generation of computers to the fourth generation of computer history, with this generation, electronic function better, more efficiently and one compared the previous computer with relatively fewer errors. And these are the materials used in our daily activities computers. They are also using integrated circuit IC for their daily operations. The fourth generation computer will result in the fifth generation computer which more powerful and the ability to take its instructions from people. This is known as artificial intelligence, are used in some cases similar to certain works which were done by people to do.